Serving Plastics Industry For 20+ Years

Core Strengths

In a dynamic market where prices, logistics/freight and government policies are changing rapidly, we have continued to work successfully with our Asian partners. Over the past five years, MPI has created new channels to market plastic raw materials in Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan, and Vietnam.


History & Values

“Miss.” is the short form of Mississauga, the fifth largest city of Canada, located about 25km west of Toronto. Established at the beginning of 2000, MPI believes that integrity and trust are the most crucial elements in our business. For these past two decades, we have stuck to this unyielding principle.


Material List:

Most listed items are what we have been buying and selling consistently. We are capable of handling everything from LTL to Railcar quantities, providing our customers door to door pick up and delivery services everywhere in North America.


About Us

We started over two decades ago as a small boutique trading firm specializing in plastic scrap materials, with a focus on exporting to the Asian market. We have grown steadily, diversifying our products and markets. We currently service North American, Latin American, Asian, Middle Eastern and European markets.

No matter how much we develop as a company or adapt to an ever-changing market, we will never forget the core values that led to our success. It is something you can’t really put into numbers. It is the long-term personal connections with our clients that we cherish most.