Serving Plastics Industry For 20+ Years

In a dynamic market where prices, logistics/freight and government policies are changing rapidly, we have continued to work successfully with our Asian partners. Over the past five years, MPI has created new channels to market plastic raw materials in Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan, and Vietnam. With strong partnerships in Asia, Miss Plastics has leveraged these relationships to also import virgin, recycled resins and flakes.

Latin America is one of the fastest growing regions in the world with regards to the consumption and production of plastic raw materials. MPI has actively sourced recycled plastics, which in turn serves the US market. Please ask us about our supply chain of materials available from the LATAM markets.

As the North American market continues to grow and new production of resins become available, MPI has forged relationships with key producers of virgin resins. We now have capacity to provide customers off-spec, pencil prime, low-end resins. We can ship via railcar, truckload or LTL within US and Canada and export products overseas in large boxes, super-sacks or 25 kg bags.

Lastly, one of the keys to our success has always been our focus on niche products and markets. Please ask us about our distribution of specialty resins: EVA, SEBS, SBS, APAO, Milled GF and other similar products.