Serving Plastics Industry For 20+ Years

“Miss.” is the short form of Mississauga, the fifth largest city of Canada, located about 25km west of Toronto. Established at the beginning of 2000, MPI believes that integrity and trust are the most crucial elements in our business. For these past two decades, we have stuck to this unyielding principle. We understand that ALL parties involved in any single transaction are interconnected. So, regardless of whether it is a million dollar deal supplier or customer, or a hundred dollar scale courier or custom broker, we treat each and everyone with the same seriousness and respect.

Our customer’s interests are our interests. We know our role in the business and do not seek growth to the detriment of others. We understand that when our business partners do well, so do we. We care about our clients, the community and ultimately, the health of the whole world. And this is how MPI has earned an excellent reputation as a solid bridge for our customers to cross into a variety of markets.

Our integrity speaks for itself: MPI never breaks a promise.